iMovement takes Tactus to Eastern Europe.

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For over 2 years, iMovement has been managing a distribution relationship for Tactus in eastern Europe. Using our long standing network of distribution partners across Europe, we quickly introduced Tactus to a partner in Poland not long after Tactus' UK launch.

Tactus was quickly accepted in this new exciting territory and has seen steadily growing sales over the last 2 years, expanding into retailers and the APR channel right across the country. Our distribution partner in Poland is now planning to expand into new territories Lithuania, Czech Republic and Slovakia with Tactus at the forefront of the brand proposition.

Tactus is currently stocked in Poland in the following APRs:-

iDream (9 stores - 11 soon)

Cortland (7 stores)

Pinova (6 stores)

iMad (4 stores)

iSpace (3 stores)

iWay (2 stores)

Single stores: iOpen, Maqsimum, iPlanet, iZone, Tio, iVicio, MacPasja,

Tactus is now entering Komputronik (one of the biggest retailers/e-tailers in Poland) with 300 stores.

And finally, Tactus has also just moved into GSM stores in Poland with the below chains stocking product.

Monument 9 (11 stores)

Świat GSM (7 stores)

GSM4U (5 stores)