iMovement brings Tactus to Australia

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Having been tasked to work closely with the team at Tactus to help develop their product range, branding and retail footprint across the globe, iMovement is proud to announce that it has secured Tactus distribution in Australia and its first retail placement within the country.

Tactus will shortly be stocked in 10 Move Stores across Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. Move is an exciting new retail store proposition started by the retail chain Dick Smiths stocking only the latest and greatest mobile technology and accessories. The stores are cleverly designed with a minimal and modern feel perfect for Tactus' vibrant and clean branding. This 10 store placement is a trial run with a view to Tactus being placed in all 350 Dick Smiths stores across Australia. Dick Smiths is Australia's premier consumer electronics retailer and will position Tactus perfectly for its push into this exciting new territory.

Move will begin by stocking the excellent Smootch case for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The case is designed with a unique panel built into the back of the case which features micros unction technology, allowing your phone to be stuck to windows, mirrors and other non-porous surfaces. The perfect case for selfies or watching a movie without the need to prop your phone up!

Move have also decided to merchandise all store front windows with the Smootch product for launch, building exposure and sales in Tactus’ first push into Australia.

Our team will be working closely with our new distribution partner in Australia to further develop the Tactus footprint to the full Dick Smiths channel and beyond.