iMovement introduces Tactus to Spain.

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iMovement has been continuing its push into European distribution for Tactus by building a strong distribution partnership in Spain. Using our strong contact base across Europe, iMovement introduced Tactus to a distributor in Spain late in 2014.

The Tactus range was well received and shipping began almost immediately. Sales have been growing steadily, having a particularly strong December and encouragingly continuing into January and February.

Tactus is now stocked in many of the countries APRs (Apple Premium Resellers), featuring recently in Microgestio (APR of 30 years) product brochure which ran 10,000 copies. Tactus is hoping to grow it's presence further in the country and hopes to attend the Melco show in June this year to further expand this reach.

It's interesting to see the different tastes in products market to market with Buckuva, a brightly coloured book style folio case, being the most popular item in Spain. Whilst this is also a popular product in the UK, it is by no means the best seller.